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Monday, May 27, 2024  10:51:19 AM

$15.6 million verdict: malpractice at Metro Health Medical Center causes severe brain damage, blindness and paraplegia to high school student.

$8.9 million verdict: severe disfiguring burn injuries from explosion.

$7.5 million verdict: malpractice by the Cleveland Clinic causes severe brain damage to patient, requiring 24/7 lifetime care.

$5 million settlement: catastrophic brain damage from auto crash, requiring 24/7 lifetime care.

$3.5 million settlement: failure to properly diagnose and treat a malfunctioning brain shunt causing blindness.

$3.5 million settlement: malpractice during surgery causes paraplegia.

$3 million settlement: wrongful death claims of two elderly women against healthcare providers.

$2.5 million settlement: malpractice causes loss of bowel and bladder function and pelvic sensation in young married woman. Won appeal.

$2.5 million settlement: paralysis from car crash.

$2.5 million dollar settlement - Emergency room group failed to diagnose disc herniation in 47 year old woman resulting in bowel and bladder dysfunction and loss of pelvic sensation.

$2.175 million verdict - 18 year old college student killed during high speed chase by the Ohio State Patrol of another motorist.

$2 million settlement: malpractice and wrongful death for failing to diagnose and treat heart attack in ER

$2 million wrongful death recovery.

$1.85 million wrongful death settlement.

$1.6 million verdict: leg amputation motorcyclist struck by train at hazardous crossing. Prejudgment interest awarded. Won appeals to Ohio and U.S Supreme Court.

$1.5 million dollar settlement - wrongful death failure to timely treat asthmatic attack onboard wedding reception cruise ship.

$1.5 million settlement: spinal cord diving injury.

$1.25 million settlement: wrongful death worker electrocuted on job site.

$1 million settlement: near arm amputation from unsafe machine disables worker.

$990,000 policy limit recovery: Police fail to secure intersection during high speed chase. Settled during jury deliberations. Won earlier appeal.

$910,000 settlement: unsafe work conditions cause severe chemical burn and PTSD.

$800,000 settlement: wrongful death of worker from unsafe conditions.

$800,000 settlement: wrongful death child drowns in City pool. Won appeal to Ohio Supreme Court on sovereign immunity after wrongfully dismissed at trial.

$635,000 verdict: fraud against home owner by builder seller.

$612,000 settlement: stranded motorist struck by drunk driver.

$580,000 arbitration award: traumatic brain injury from auto crash.

$525,000 settlement: spine injury to truck driver.

$500,000 settlement: spine injury from auto crash.

$316,000 verdict in excess of policy limits: spine injury from auto crash.

*Since no two cases are alike, past results cannot predict future outcomes.

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